Oh hell folks I guess it is time to talk about some real shit, about how I feel about how people really feel about me. The other day some people were asking me about doing a site for them and seemed to not be to pleased when I gave them a price, moreover when I didn’t want to do shit for them for free. They decided to look me up and seen things about me online, lmao. Well needless to say they thought they could share this with my employer. My employer could give two shits! Can you guess why? Because I know my shit! Simple as that!

My camera work, editing, website and marketing skills are on POINT! Maybe I would feel different if I was some noob poser who had no idea what I was doing, but nigga guess what deal with it! I do NOT beg people for jobs! I have a LOT of work lined up and tbt I would rather not work for people who are cheap, broke or to nosy!

These people often more times than not are the WORST to work for!
I have said it before and I will say it again when it comes to film making and websites:
In reality, charging too little for your work actually hurts your business more than if you were making nothing at all.

See, when you’re making nothing (AKA you don’t have a business), you don’t have to deal with clients, you don’t have to spend time working, you don’t have any stress, you’re not creating a reputation.

Life is careless and free!

But the moment you charge $1 for your services, all that changes.

And it doesn’t matter how much you charge, you’re dealing with the same stress.

So why not make it worth it?

Here’s what happens when you charge low prices or deal with clients who want to pay shit money:

• You work with the worst possible clients (I don’t know why this is, but it seems to be a law of the universe that the less they pay, the worse they are to you)

• You have to work a LOT to make a significant income (and neglect all other aspects of your life)

• You don’t get to create the vision you have in your head, because the budget won’t fund your ideas.

• You build a reputation for being the “cheap” option, so every new client comes in with the same low expectations.

• When you try to raise your prices, your clients just move on to the next videographer or webmaster on their list.

In contrast, here’s what happens when you charge high prices:

• You get the best clients who treat you well, take you out to fancy lunches, invite you over to their house, and give you complete creative control of your videos.

• You make a significant income without working 15 hour days, and you actually have time to spend with family and friends, go on vacation, or play Fortnite.

• You get to be ultra creative with your vision, because the budget supports it.

• You build a reputation for being the “elite” option, which in turn attracts more high-paying clients to your business.

• When your business grows and your prices increase, your clients grow with you and raise their budget to keep working with you.

So in other words I don’t give two shits what people think about me, LMAO, my business will not fail without you as a client because I know my shit! 😉

Contact me @ kano@realnigganews.com Takedownman is one of the realest niggas alive! He is the CEO of Real Nigga News! He has worked for XM Radio, 454 Life Productions, 103 Jamz, 97.5 The Beat, 101.3 2WD and a variety of other networks and stations. He has also worked for MANY different productions and editing companies, has acted, produced, directed and so on in many different music videos and film. He is one of the owners of the RNN. He is here because he really doesn't know why, but yeah he's here! Oh yeah it's because the whole site is named after him!

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