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Now for some FAQ’s!

Real Nigga News

Fucking Annoying Questions

Last-Modified In your moms arse!

01. Will you teach me how to hack?

Yes. We just sit around waiting for those willing students with the
courage and visionary genius to ask that question. And now, for a mere
$1337/hour, we will teach you how to hack.

What? You can’t afford our low hourly rate because you promised to take
your girlfriend to ice-capades? We find that very hard to believe. No
girl would be with you.

Ok, we like your suave style anyway, so we’re going to let you in on a
little secret. There is an actual shortcut to learning how to hack. No,
it’s not pestering us with asinine questions like “How do I hack?”. Here
it is: learn a skill such as programming, networking, unix, electronics,
telecomunications, or anything else you feel you have a passion for…
by the time you become competent in your chosen area and you still want
to “hack” you will realize you have already learned how.


02. I can’t figure out how to Redbox, will you help me?

No. If you want to be a criminal you will have to figure that out on your
own. And if you can’t even figure out how to Redbox, your life of crime
will certainly be a short-lived one.


03. Will you (hack, ruin, deface, rape, kill, or otherwise fuck over) my
(boss, school, bank, puppy, government, ircfags, or little sister)?

Sheesh, at least try offering money when asking people to commit crimes
for you. Regardless, no, you will have to do your own dirty work.

It should also be noted that we do not do web defacements. Any defacements
attributed to Real Nigga News are surely the work of RNN worshipers.


04. Will you crack this software for me?

What website are you looking at? No.


05. Can I be a member of Real Nigga News?

If you have made significant contributions to the RNN community
and possess exceptional coding, electronics, *nix, telecom, or related
skills, then we will probably be asking if you want to join us. In other
words, don’t bother asking us, we’ll notice you if you’re RNN

Besides, why would you really want to join us? I mean, the endless parade
of cash, drugs, and horny young hoochies is very wearisome. Our constant
moral infractions surely result in upturned noses and finger-wags from
the priggish beau monde. Can you imagine how disparaging that must feel?
Oh, who am I kidding? Bring on the sluts!


06. Can I have a shell / web-space / e-mail account?



07. Will you link to my website if I link to yours?

Yes, if we feel it has content relevant to the the RNN community. So,
no, probably not.


08. Where can I find you guys on IRC?

You won’t find us on efnet, dalnet, or any other fagnet. Any #RealNiggaNews
channels you may find on these networks are probably run by people who
worship us, and only a crackbrained philistine would do that. Therefore
they should probably be avoided.


09. This site is an affront to my wholesome christian sensibilities, how
do you sleep at night?

On a big pile of money with many beautiful ladies.


10. I’m a very special kind of retard, is there anything else I need to
be told?
Yeah, of course there is.

. If you have a question and you don’t know who to send it to, send it to the fucking part that says contact!
If you spam the whole group you will be ignored, blacklisted, and
automatically subscribed to dozens of gay porn ads ENJOY!
. You are permitted to bask in our reflected glory only. Direct exposure
to our full glory is not only impermissible but may also be mortiferous.

. Our hectic celebrity lifestyles keep us very busy wallowing in decadence
and we simply don’t have time to respond to every e-mail. So don’t go
kill yourself if we don’t write back… or do, we don’t really care.

FINALLY! Will you take down a post because it offends my pussy like hurt baby feelings?
No fuck you, fuck off, go play in traffic and this goes for hillbillies as well, I will translate for you… “dur, dur durdurdur, duh dur, sisterfucker, maw paw, bur durh dhr!”

Thanks “Hack Canada” for this awesome shit!

Also this site is purely for news worthy and satirical purposes, so if you think it is illegal, nope we just said it was one or the other and depending on legalities is what whatever article we post depending on the law. Fuckers!

Even better, we wrote down a list of our most asked questions and asked lawyers to see what they had to say also.

Is posting someone’s full name online without his or her consent illegal? Not if the person is over 18. The courts do not see names as something “private”. We asked several lawyers and law officers to explain Public Disclosure of Private Facts. We wanted to know if a name was covered under this law. Below sums up, what we were told.
To prove a prima facie case of public disclosure of private facts, the plaintiff must prove a highly offensive disclosure by the defendant of private facts about the plaintiff.

In addition, the plaintiff must demonstrate that there was:

(A) No legitimate public interest that was served by having these private facts disclosed

(B) That the defendant was at fault for making the disclosure, and

(C) That the defendant’s actions were both the actual and proximate cause of the disclosure and of the harm the plaintiff suffered.

In order for a viable cause of action to arise, the facts that the defendant discloses must pertain to the plaintiff’s private life. Any facts that are already known or that are a matter of public record cannot be the basis of a cause of action.

Thus, for example, if the defendant reveals private facts about plaintiff that are contained in a last will and testament, the plaintiff cannot bring a cause of action based on this disclosure because a will is a public document and thus, anything contained in it, no matter how private or personal to the plaintiff, is a matter of public record.

Next, the plaintiff must prove that the disclosure was of such a nature that would be highly offensive to a reasonable person. Thus, for example, a defendant disclosing that the plaintiff likes to eat chocolate ice cream before going to bed is not highly offensive. However, a defendant disclosing that the plaintiff “sleeps around” would be highly offensive.

Therefore, even if you never posted your name on an online social site or never told it to friends online, but someone finds out your name and publishes it, that does not break the law. So what is a private fact?

Common examples of private facts include information about medical conditions, sexual orientation and history, and financial status. It may also include things like someone’s social security or phone number, if that information is not ordinarily publicly available. A plaintiff has no privacy interest with respect to a matter that is already public. Thus, you cannot be held liable for discussing or republishing information about someone who is already publicly available. a person’s photograph or image can be a “private fact,” but generally not when it is captured in a public or semi-public place. Therefore, you can generally publish photographs of an individual or individuals taken in public places without liability for publication of private facts.

Oh no! Someone posted my IP is that illegal? Not at all. And IP is actually public information as well. Did you know, every time you visit a website they could access your IP? Did you know every time you send an email your IP can be found in the header of the email? We all publicly throw our IP’s around so if someone copies it and post it there is no law against it. Typically, most people have their IP address dynamically allocated to them. This means, it can change, sometimes more than once in a day. Just having someone’s IP is useless except for tracking them to a general area. However, if you have had this happen to you and are scared, you can download a VPN for free or a small fee. It’s perfectly legal in most places. We also recommend setting up a firewall if you have not already and use virus protection.
Someone posted an old court record of mine! Is that illegal? Not unless the record was sealed. The Supreme Court of the United States held that the First Amendment to the Constitution prohibits states from imposing a penalty on the press for publishing accurate information obtained from a public court record. Because of this case, most states recognize an absolute privilege for publication of information found in a publicly available (i.e., not sealed) court record. While the case involved traditional media, there is no reason to believe that its reasoning and holding would not extend to non-traditional journalists and other online publishers. This means that you cannot be held liable for publishing accurate facts about someone who you find in a public court record, regardless of how embarrassing they are. Note that this privilege will protect you in publishing information about past crimes, so long as you gather your information from publicly available court records, such as an indictment or trial transcript.
Someone is trashing me to my clients and business partners is that illegal? Yes! It’s called Tortious Interference. A good definition of this can be found in the Farlex Free Dictionary, but it basically means interfering with someone’s ability to do business or encouraging someone to break a contract. It’s a very tempting “crime” when you feel as if you’ve been ripped off or sold a shoddy product. I know but you have to be careful what you say to people about others. You can say, ” I don’t like your partner Fred, he seems dirty to me and gives me a bad feeling.” You cannot say, “I think you should watch out for your partner Fred. He’s a crook and a theft.” That is illegal. If you KNOW something is a fact without a doubt, then feel free to say it if it feels morally right to you. However, you’d be surprised at how expensive and difficult it is to prove a “fact” in court if you are sued for tortious interference.
Someone is trashing me online and spreading lies about me. Is that illegal? Yes, it’s called defamation and it’s illegal.
Merriam Webster Dictionary on defamation: Any intentional false communication, either written or spoken, that harms a person’s reputation; decreases the respect, regard, or confidence in which a person is held; or induces disparaging, hostile, or disagreeable opinions or feelings against a person.

Unlike other things that can get you sued, defamation may be a criminal charge in some places if it crosses the line into cyber-bullying or hate speech, or even if it uses the traditional “fighting words” or discloses information that a reasonable person would believe caused harm to the victim. Defamation includes both written statements (known as libel), spoken statements (called slander), and videos, graphics or photographs. One thing to remember here is that defamation is in the mind of the reader and the outcome. Intent may (or may not) matter. For instance, you might think that what you posted was endearing, funny, cute, and inoffensive. But if the outcome is that the person is unemployable, or suffers negative consequences, it can be defamatory.

Someone posted a private photo of me without my permission. Is that illegal? Well it depends. If you post a photo on Facebook or Twitter publicly and someone shares it then no it is not illegal. However, if someone takes a personal photo of you off your phone or out of an album in your home and then post it without your permission publicly, you could be sued for invasion of privacy or copyright violation. If you post a photo of someone else, claiming it is you then you can be sued for False light. This is similar to defamation, but not quite. Defamation requires a statement to be false, but “false light” also includes situations in which a photo is misleading. State laws also generally require it to be offensive to a reasonable person. Most importantly, you can be sued for impersonation.