Now I have seen some shit in my day, but THIS, THIS shit is pretty damn low! This ghetto ass heifer of a bitch, just walks right into the funeral home, starts grabbing for her own grandmothers ring and and almost pulls the finger off in order to get it! Moral of the story here? Never invite your fat ass welfare looking, grand-kids to your funeral!

News Reporter
Takedownman is one of the realest niggas alive! He has worked for XM Radio, 454 Life Productions, 103 Jamz, 97.5 The Beat, 101.3 2WD and a variety of other networks and stations. He has also worked for MANY different productions and editing companies, has acted, produced, directed and so on in many different music videos and film. He is one of the owners of the RNN. He is here because he really doesn't know why, but yeah he's here!

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