Tinder doesn’t care that your entire extended family thinks you’re pathetic and unlovable because you’re 32 and haven’t found a mate. Because if Tinder really cared that you’re 30+ and have a better chance of finding Big Foot than a suitable young lady, they’d treat you like those damn kids who listen to trap music.

A Tinder user named Allan Candelore lawyered up back in February 2016 to argue the dating app’s pricing plan violated the state’s anti-discrimination law–more specifically the Unruh Civil Rights Act, a California law that “secures equal access to public accommodations and prohibits discrimination by business establishments,” according to NPR.

Tinder charges users older than 30 a $19.99 a month fee to use it’s premium version called Tinder Plus. For younger users, Tinder charges either $9.99 or $14.99 for the same service.

According to CNN, Tinder’s attorney’s successfully argued that lower court that the price discrepancies existed because younger users were more budget constrained than older users–“customers age 30 and younger have less capacity to pay for premium services” and they “need a lower price to pull the trigger.”

But, the California Court of Appeals has reinstated a lawsuit accusing Tinder of age discrimination.

“Because nothing in the complaint suggests there is a strong public policy that justifies the alleged discriminatory pricing, the trial court erred,” wrote the Court of Appeals in its decision. “Accordingly, we swipe left, and reverse.”

This is a large step for old dudes trying to get laid everywhere.

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